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Core Values

Duraflex Solutions is guided by a core set of values; integrity, excellence and mentorship. These values define the company mission and vision:

Mission: to provide an environmentally sustainable product for the construction industry that will help to reduce CO2 emission.

Vision: to be the distributor of choice for Southeast Asia, China and Hong Kong for concrete and soil stabilization.

These core sets of values impact all aspects of my life. Professionally, I also feel it is imperative to hire/foster and mentor emerging graduates entering the workforce. To create a culture of excellence, one must model these values in the work place.

If you would like to learn more on how you or your company can become a business mentor, please feel free to contact me jim@duraflexsolutions.com


Duraflex Solutions is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruiting and retaining top talent by offering career opportunities, training and development.

Duraflex believes in giving back to the community and is committed to providing mentorship opportunities to new graduates.

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DFI and DFI-CEMionic:

DFI is an environmentally sustainable legacy product concrete modification and soil stabilizing solution. DFI is used worldwide, and supports the cement hydration process in all climate regions with diverse soil conditions. DFI lowers overall construction costs by reducing building time, materials and manpower.

· DFI is a cement admixture developed in Canada used in the solidification of soil and the modification of concrete. It is a disruptive product to the construction industry in that it changes construction methods and techniques.
· DFI changes the way cement hydrates without cracking. When combined with OPC (original Portland Cement) it creates a totally impervious structure that has high tensile and flexural strength. When applied as a soil solidification material with cement, it is not necessary to add aggregates or granular base course. It is simply added to in-situ soil.
· When added to concrete, DFI-CEMionic reduces the amount of cement used by at least 20%. It will produce 7 day strengths in just 2 days, thereby significantly reducing building time. Duraflex has found that when using DFI-CEMionic in concrete a saving of 10% of the TOTAL building cost can be achieved.
· There are over 2500 referenced projects that have used DFI, DFI-CEMionic over its 27 year history. Many significant international civil engineering firms, and civil engineering departments in technical universities have tested and recommended DFI as an admixture.
· DFI has had involvement in many successful and well documented projects in diverse climate and geographical zones. From the wettest place on earth to some of the hottest and coldest with a wide spectrum of soils, DFI has never had a failure.

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